My Writing Table

 Welcome to my writing table. Here I am going to place the poetry and short stories that I write. And maybe a few words of wisdom.

So read and enjoy.  Updated 10\14\05

Alone On A Crystal Shore : A poem of beauty and contemplation...

The Maiden Tree : A story fairytale style story.

Expanse : A poem about old friends.

The Journeying Poem : A poem about creativity.

Wyrd : A hopeful destiny.  

From The Shadows: For all those who are trying to deal with the tragedy of 9/11/01

Sakura's Coffee Shop: This is a short story written from to point of view of an older me.

Pandora's Gift: A poem about Pandora's Box, the old myth about hope.  

Wrapped In Presents: A Christmas poem about a simple truth.

Like Forgotten Tears:  It is hard knowing we see the world with different eyes.

Clouded Dream: I normally try to keep away from writing poems about lost love. Here's one anyway. 

Time In A Glass:  A short quick poem about an hourglass. 

Watching Rain Fall: Aah.. Just read it.^^ 

My Last Poem: Nah, not really. There still more to come.

Wait Like A Siren: {sigh..} Another sad love poem.  

A Monster Story: And Halloween poem that's not really scary.  

That's it for now.


                       Copyright 2001-2005 by Rodney A. Brubaker

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