Wait like a Siren

     by Rodney A. Brubaker 


Waves, they crash against the shore. 

Here I'll wait forever more. 

Can't you hear me cry for thee.

Tears fall softly into the sea.


Wind blows strong and sea birds cry.

Silhouettes against the sky.

Yes, I know you love me true.

That is why I wait for you.


Where are you my eternal love.

Wait for leaves brought by a dove.

And so silently I'll still pray.

Wish I never made you go away.


Water and sand beneath my feet.

Once again I wish to meet.

Then I hope you can forgive.

For that moment's why I live.  


Boats, they still sail at sea.

At last my love you've come to me.

Here I lay beneath the sand.

You hold roses in your hand.


Copyright 2005 by Rodney A. Brubaker