Like Forgotten Tears


I know there is a child, who dreams of a beautiful world.

Yet we are the ones who wish we were dreaming.

Longing for the realms that only children see.

Trapped by the image of who we seem to be.


Oh, to be what we once were.

Oh, to be as we once hoped to be.

Shadows of the possibilities.

And regrets upon which we reflect.


How much did we choose?

How much was decided for us.?

Like the passage of time, these to make night and day.

In this there is still a chance for us to have our say.


If all you see before you is eternal darkness.

Then remember that which you use to be.

Remember the joy of that little kid.

For the memory of things we did.

And those tiny selfish tears you've cried.


This innocence can not be lost.

It is only we, who've forgotten, we have it.


Copyright 2002 by Rodney A. Brubaker

Background Song- Shadows Of Innocence