A Monster Story.


On an October night, both dark and stormy. 

The old man took the time to tell a story. 

It was one of those that would make you shake with fear.

If you by chance were there to hear.

It's about a monster we all should dread. 

Far worse than those under your bed. 

It rises up from a deep lagoon. 

Upon the eve of a full moon.

He tells it so well, you'd believe it's true. 

So listen closely the whole way through.

We'd gather close, hugging our knees tight. 

And now and then we'd jump in fright.

After taking in all that we had just heard. 

Anticipation hung on the very next word. 

Briefly he stopped, Silence filled the room.

A foreboding sense of impending doom.   

Then it was as the story wound down. 

That we would jerk at the slightest of sound.

At last the ending could give you such the creeps.

You'd stay wide awake while all else sleeps.

But the old man told this story not to mean.

For he would always end with Happy Halloween!!


Copyright 2005 by Rodney A. Brubaker